Velouté of Périgord chestnuts

Stéphanie Berbessou / Post on 19 December 2023

Here is a comforting recipe, which I love for winter evenings. It is very simple and our guests love it !

veloute de châtaignes
Festive version of chestnut velouté (with foie gras and pain d’épices)

Ingredients for 4

  • steamed cooked Périgord chestnuts : 400 g
  • Bacon : around 50 g
  • Poultry stock : 1 liter
  • Shallots : 1 to 2 depending the size
  • Leak : one middle size
  • Chestnut honey : 1 tablespoon
  • Cream
  • Optional for topping : foie gras dices and pain d’épices crumbs, or chestnuts crumbs


  • Cut your bacon in dices and fry them in your sauce pan with shallots
  • Wash and cut the leak in slices and add it in the sauce pan
  • When leaks are melting, add the jar of chestnuts and roast for a few minutes
  • Cover with your poultry stock and add a tablespoon of honey
  • Put salt and pepper Salez et poivrez
  • Let gently cook for 30 to 40 minutes
  • When chestnuts are tender, mix the velouté in a blender then add 1 or 2 cream tablespoons. Check the seasoning then serve , adding a topping if you wish (roasted chestnuts crumbs, foie gras dices or bacon dices).
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