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Stéphanie Berbessou / Post on 19 December 2023

Among the many treasures of Périgord is a jewel: the black truffle. During the winter, it can be found in many markets in Dordogne. The ideal of course is to buy your truffles on a controlled market because you can be sure that they come from Périgord truffle farmers and that their quality is controlled by volunteers from the Federation of Truffle farmers. If a truffle presents a problem (absence of scent, lack of maturity, illness, etc.), the inspector removes it from the lot, and the farmer cannot sell it on the market.

For my part, I buy my truffles on the Sarlat controlled market on Saturday mornings, open from mid-December to the end of February if the season is good.

There are 2 kinds of truffles: the Tuber Melanosporum known as the Périgord Truffle, it is the must because it is the best! It is delicious with scrambled or simply boiled eggs, but to enhance its fragrance, you will need to lock it up for about a week with the eggs in an airtight box, so that they can soak up the scent of the truffle.

Be careful, the Périgord truffle does not tolerate high temperature and loses its flavor above 70°C, so you will need to find tips to capture it…this is what I will reveal to you during the cooking workshops that I organize during our January truffle weekends.

Scrambled eggs with truffle

This simple recipe is my favorite and was given to me by Edouard, truffle grower in Saint Cyprien


  • 2 eggs per person; a good butter and aproximately 5g of truffle per person

    A few days ahead, put your eggs in a box with the truffle so that they take on its scent.

    Melt the butter in a large frying pan and grate the truffle directly on the melted butter . Turn off the heat and leave to infuse with the lid on for an hour.

    After an hour, beat your eggs and pour the mixture into the frying pan and set over medium heat. Turn the mixture with a spatula without taking your eyes off it. If it takes too much on one side, turn off and cool the mixture while whisking quickly. The scramble is ready when it has the consistency of custard. Serve warm and enjoy !

    marché aux truffes de Sarlat
    marché aux truffes de Sarlat
    Sarlat truffle market
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